Project EverForest

Our startup has created a new technological way for everyone to protect forests - a digital nature reserve created using blockchain technology is backed by real forest units that will never be clear-cut. A growing and sustainably managed forest allows nature to bind carbon dioxide and release more oxygen. The project supporter gets a unique digital certificate (NFT - Non-Fungible Token), which shows in real time how much added value in terms of bound carbon dioxide and released oxygen his/her contribution brings to the nature.

What is NFT?

What does EverForest offer?

Supporter or forest protector - an opportunity to contribute to formation of a new protected area and acquire cryptocurrency utility tokens that can be converted into forest renewal and personal NFT.

Each NFT has a unique real-time tracking system - the longer the NFT exists, the more the corresponding forest unit has bound carbon dioxide and released oxygen. Therefore, our solution is also suitable for companies that want to reduce their carbon footprint.

The owner of the forest - we initially offer NFTs related to forest units belonging to EverForest OÜ, and in the future we will work together with other forest land owners as well. We will offer contracts to the forest land owners - paying them compensation for not clear-cutting forest land and for managing it according to our green strategy. The execution of the contract is monitored by a unique AI system of aerial photos and forest plans.

Society - a completely new protected forest area, formed on a people-to-people principle. The EverForest reserves provide recreational areas for use of public - provided, of course, that the condition of the flora and fauna does not deteriorate.

Nature - we represent a new way of thinking and a green movement, not a formal quota - we offer a concrete and practical solution, the results of which can be measured immediately. The purchase of each utility token expands the protected forest area, i.e. each purchased utility token is directly connected to the forest area binding carbon dioxide, releasing oxygen, the soil of the forest area filtering water, and the forest area providing a home for various plants and animals.

Supporter as in forest protector

Forest owner




EverForest OÜ is a Viljandi -based company that was established on 14.01.2022 in order to stop clear-cutting and exploitation of forests with the help of new technology. Our plan is as follows:


Stage I 2022-2023

Inclusion of investments

We include investments based on the company's participation and develop a utility token. If you are interested in the project, contact us.


Stage II 2023

Sale of utility token

Cryptotoken launch or listing within IDO. The logic of 50/40/10 applies to each utility token that is purchased - 50% of the amount goes to the purchase of forests, i.e. to the increase of the protected area, 40% to development activities, and 10% to the forest renewal reserve.


Stage III 2023

Issuance of NFTs

Issuance of a collection of certificates, i.e. digital cadastral units tracked in real time with a specific personal location.


Stage IV 2023-2024

Involvement of forest owners

We value forests digitally and pay an incentive per hectare to avoid deforestation. We are expanding the project worldwide.


Stage V 2024-2025

NFT2.0 trading platform

We help to add even more value to the forest. In short, this means that we can add all free creations, i.e. photographs, paintings, music, poems, etc related to the forest unit into the NFT. The difference with any other existing system is that we transfer all intellectual property rights (e.g. copyrights) to the buyer of the creation.


A non-fungible digital asset, or NFT, is a unique and unforgeable unit of data stored on a blockchain. An NFT can be a medium for replicating digital information, such as image, video, or audio files, but the blockchain is structured in such a way that all events are in a specific order, which is why such storage has the advantage of having a certificate of authenticity and proof of ownership. NFTs are not interchangeable, which distinguishes them from cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, where each coin is equivalent to another coin. Our NFTs are designed green and do not consume excessive energy.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!