Quarter I, 2022
    Let's talk briefly about how the idea of EverForest started – they say that innovative solutions arise from a problem, and by 2022 it was clear that an environmental revolution will come regardless of the spreading virus or the political situation, and every company must think about it more and more. It is especially important for international companies to show how the CO2 footprint is reduced and what measures have been implemented - even their customers ask for this. Unfortunately, the solutions currently offered on the market are ones that our team does not support and do not see sustainable potential in them. There is also no targeted view on reducing the private person’s footprint. So, we need a project that is verifiable in real time and offers a reliable compromise for as many parties as possible. They say: you can have tons of ideas, but what matters is the execution - let's get down to it and get it done! The idea was put on paper at the beginning of January. Things are moving fast now:
  • On 14.01.2022, we registered the private limited company EverForest.
  • In parallel with the company registration, we acquired the following domains: everforest.com, everforest.eu, everforest.ee, everforest.net, everfore.ee, everfore.eu, everfore.me, everfore.io, everfor.ee, everfor.eu, everfor.me.
  • On 19.01.2022, we submitted a trademark application to the European Intellectual Property Office.
  • On 09.02.2022, we acquired the SME support of the European Commission: "The Ideas Powered for business".
    Quarter II, 2022
    We have continued working on the project very thoroughly and developed an innovative method of digitally valuating forests. We also started working with various professors and advisors and move forward at a very fast pace:
  • On 08.04.2022, we submitted a patent application in the USA and acquired international priority, or the so-called priority right, which is valid worldwide (including in Estonia).
  • On 13.04.2022, we submitted the Community design to the European Union Intellectual Property Office.
  • On 14.04.2022, we started work on the preparation of the manual required for certification.
  • On 11.05.2022, the EverForest trademark was successfully registered in the EU.
  • On 30.05.2022, we signed a client agreement with a well-known law firm for legal analysis.
    Quarter III, 2022
    The focus is on constructing our website:
  • On 23.09.2022, we got the website up. Voilà! and we can rejoice, but the work still goes on.
    Quarter IV, 2022
  • On 16.11.22, we included the first investor, i.e. EverForest OÜ sold 5% of the shares.
  • On 14.12.22, the EverForest Team brainstorming took place in Otepää, during which the possibilities of how the project fits into the EU quota market were discussed.
  • On 20.12.22, the EverForest homepage was changed to bilingual.